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Awesome and Unforgettable Kids party!

Outdoor karting with your friends is absolutely possible here at Kartcentrum Zwolle. Specially for kids aged 7 to 12 we offer the kids party package for €16.50 per child!

This is a party you are not going to forget any time soon! Really drive your kart on your own, you are in control of throttle, braking and steering! Before you enter the track our personnel will thoroughly instruct you, and tell you all of the ins and outs of karting, safety first!

Hungry after your races? You can choose to add a kidsmeal to your party consisting of Chips and a snack (Cheese Soufflé / Chicken Nuggets / Frikandel / Kroket) for only €4.95 per person. Drinks are already included in the package because with every kids party, you will get unlimited free lemonade!

To make sure you never forget this awesome experience, afterwards everyone will receive some nice karting memorabilia!

Children's parties are possible during normal weekdays, and on Saturdays only at 10:00 'o clock in the morning. During school holidays (all regions) it's only possible on normal weekdays at 10:00 'o clock in the morning.

Children's Party

Children's Party <155cm

  • Minimum length: 130cm
  • Maximum length: 155cm
  • Special kidskarts
  • Bookable during normal weekdays
  • 2x 8 minute races!
  • Optional: 3rd Heat for €11.50 per person
  • Optional: Kidsmeal for only €4.95 per person

16.5 p.p.
From 7 to 12 years old

Children's party >155cm

  • Minimum length: 155cm
  • Adult RT8 Karts
  • Bookable during normal weekdays
  • Optional: 3rd heat for €13.50 per person
  • Optional: kidsmeal for only €4.95 per person

21.95 p.p.
from 7 to 12 years old


Thank you for your interest in our packages at Kartcentrum Zwolle! Please fill in the information below and we will contact you as soon as possible!

Children's party!

Here's what you need to know:
  1. 01Booking is done through the above form or by sending us an email!
  2. 02On the day itself: report at staff behind the bar, make sure you are 15 minutes early
  3. 03Have a nice drink of the unlimited lemonade, and unwrap your gifts!
  4. 04We provide a fitting helmet, neck guard and racejacket for everyone
  5. 05Our experienced staff will give detailed safety instructions
  6. 06You drive your first 8 minute battle on track
  7. 07Break time!: Enjoy the lemonade and tell everyone about your awesome overtake.
  8. 08You drive your second 8 minute battle on track
  9. 09It's over, but not before you receive some real karting memorabilia!
  • A children's party is €16.50 per child
  • Total time on site is about 1.5 hours
  • The track is exclusively yours during the races!
  • Minimum 4 and maximum 10 kids (more kids? Let us know)
  • Bookable during normal weekdays till 18:00
  • Hungry? add the kidsmeal for only € 4,95 extra.
  • Kids larger than 155cm? They can still drive in the adult RT8 karts for € 21,95 per person

Frequently asked questions:


My child isn't quite 1.3 meters in length yet, can he still drive?
No unfortunately not, children need te be at least 1.3m to fit and be able to control the kart properly. We do have 1 dual-seater kart available for passengers of at least 1.15m.

What does it cost?
A children's party package is € 16,50 per child

How much time does this package take?
Expect to be about 1.5hours on site, this includes 2 races, fitting gear, getting briefed etc.

My child is larger than 1.55m, can he still drive?
Yes, he/she can drive in our RT8 adultkarts for €21,95.

When are kids parties possible?
During normal weekdays until 18:00.*
*except during school holidays, then it's only possible in the morning at 10:00 'o clock

How many children are allowed?
Minimum 4, maximum 10. Bigger party than 10? Let us know, we will see what we can do.

Are we the only ones on track?
Yes, during the races you will be on track exclusively!

Can we bring cake?
Yes that is allowed, but please bring your own plates and utensils, and clean up after yourselves when done.

We want to stay and eat, is this possible
Yes it is, we have a regular menu you can choose of of, or add the kidsmeal to your party for only €4.95

Are you ready?

Book your awesome kidsparty today!

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Any questions?

Please let us know by email and we will get back to you ASAP!